Thursday, March 26, 2015

Extremely distressed

You can't go anywhere without seeing ripped jeans these days. I remember the last time they were "in" I was slightly too young to embrace the trend, so I have gone head first this time around! Now, there is ripped , and there is RIPPED!!! Here I'm talking about the trend of the extreme (some may say excessive) ripped denim, the most popular being the Rag and Bone Dre Thrasher jeans. I wanted to give some different styling options for people who might not be sure if they want to embrace the trend for a variety or reasons; age, lifestyle etc. I don't really believe to heavily on there being an age restriction on fashion. I think if you feel comfortable in something you can ROCK it. That being said, for me personally, I definitely won't be picking up my kids from school in these jeans.... there is a time and place I think .
Blazer: Smyth | Tank: Vince | Shoes: Valentino | Jeans: Rag and Bone Thrasher| Belt and bag: Hermes

Here is my first look. I love a nice blazer with the jeans as it adds a bit of class and I think makes it a bit more appropriate for my lifestyle and more age appropriate as well. When I first bought these jeans, I had this Smythe Blazer in mind with it.

This next look is by EstherandSasha from Instagram and I love the soft colours and feminine touches. I think the first time I started to think I could pull off these jeans was when I saw them on her. she always dresses very feminine and classy , so I knew there were ways to wear the jeans in a classy , more dressed up style.

Jeans: Thrasher <here> | Cardis: Zara , Shoes: Louboutin Decolette similar <here>, Turtle neck: Marciano 

Here are some other more casual options. It also hides a lot of the jeans in case you need to ease your way into wearing them ! 

 Here I am in my Thrashers the first time I wore them out with my husband. I threw a big coat on top to ease him into the look lol. 

Here, I'm wearing them with a very casual off the shoulder T for a cool rocker vibe. I feel the heels are necessary to dress up the look a bit. 

I love this look my friend TheBleachedBlonde put together with her Thrasher jeans. Its classy but still playful!

PinkBlondeBrunette seen here in her thrasher jeans with the most amazing Balmain shoes! 


Now, if you want to get REALLY ripped up, take a look at Sydney fashion blogger in her jeans here. I know I could NEVER wear them, they are too extreme for me personally but I think they look amazing on her. Again, it depends on ones lifestyle and personal preference. 

I did love the white jean look and I knew I needed to buy perhaps a toned down version of Sydney's jeans, so here I am in the Rag and Bone "the Skinny" thrashers <here> I know these will be on repeat this summer!

Some flat shoe options 

If you want something  a little more toned down, here is my beautiful friend Pinkblondebrunette in the Frame denim jeans <here> Warning: her legs don't come with the jeans ;)

So, love them or hate them, ripped jeans seem like they are going to be around for a little while anyways! Have you joined the movement? 

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let's talk: fitness and food


So where do I start? 

........Let's start with the basics and some background . First off, I'm well aware I'm not overweight, and this definitely is not being written to receive praise of how I don't need to loose weight, while I definitely appreciate the kind words and support, I'm writing this and sharing these thoughts as i would with my girlfriends. 

Look, (said with my best Obama impersonation ) it's no secret that as women, we are hard on ourselves. I think this becomes especially true after childbirth, because let's face it...nothing looks the same. 

So what is it exactly I am whining about? It's these extra 10-15 lbs that I have not been able to rid myself of post baby number two (truthfully I never fully lost it all after baby one) I'm also just striving for a healthier and more active lifestyle to stop the constant cycle of having to "lose a few" For reference, I'm 5'9", so 10-15 lbs is not a whole lot of weight on my frame. I've never been one of those lucky people who could eat whatever they liked. I always need to be careful , and with each year that passes, I notice it more and more.

With all things social media, it's not like I'm posting picture when I think I look chubby or that are unflattering. Obviously I'm picking the most flattering pictures I can find. This is a filtered version of my reality after all ;)  #keepingitreal

Side note: one of my biggest pet peeves is skinny women who pretend they can eat whatever they want. It's one thing if you really can each whatever you want while maintaining your figure, then great- good for you, I'm jealous, but that's awesome! But you know the person I'm talking about. The one who when you are with her, only eats a piece of broccoli all day, yet the moment you leave, she has apparently downed a donut and a bag of chips (and of course has to text you to let you know) #gimmeabreak #stoplying. 

I touched on this on my last post, but being a mother of two girls, I am so mindful of what I say and do around them, after all, parents are kids biggest influencers in their early years (before we loose that title to their peers!). I would hate for my four year old to wonder why mommy only eats salads lol . Having said that, I'm guilty of some less than ideal eating habits, something I want to rectify ASAP. 

It started with an event I had to attend back in October (doesn't it always start with an event?) I decided to go onto a very low carb eating plan. As I said before, I am definitely of the thinking that everything in moderation is the best long term strategy ... but I was desperate so I gave it a go. I lost 6 or 7 pounds in the few weeks leading up to the event...and I was hooked. It's now March and I have still been following that eating plan (with exceptions of vacations and special events of course) But I've hit a plateau a long time ago and I've been in denial.... it's time to change things up which is what I am doing now. 


My main issue is I have a desk job and sit on my butt all day. When I  got the iPhone 6plus which has a built in pedometer , I was shocked by how few steps I take in a  day! I started going to the mall at lunch to get steps in, but as you can imagine, that ended up in retail therapy appose to physical fitness.... #ihaveaproblem 

I've picked up private Pilates lessons once a week. I hesitated at first b/c one on one sessions are pricey, but I spend a healthy (lol) amount off money on material goods, I figure the investment in my health is a way better pay off. 

I am also going to commit to once a week Zumba classes (I love to dance and its great Cardio) , I may up it to two depending on how it goes. 

I am also going to try for once a week hot yoga with a friend of mine who practices regularly and who has a similar schedule to me, workout buddies are the best! 

Last but not least, I need to get in some squats somewhere...because I'll tell you, my butt is not what it used to be! #nomorepencilskirtsinmywardrobe

For now I think that is a good starting point. For the first time in forever (omg i just quoted a "frozen" song), I will not be renewing my gym membership. I hate the gym and I never go! Renewing my pass has always just made me feel good like I "might" go lol...but the farce is up.... it's never going to happen! 


I definitely need to re introduce healthy complex carbs back into my diet. For the most part, we only eat whole foods at home and complex carbs. I have a few very dirty secrets though . The first is I need two splendas in my Starbucks latte everyday. I'm basically ingesting poison, but sadly, I am no where near ready to give it up. My morning latte is my total happy place. I also have a weakness for diet pepsi but have stopped buying it for the house . It's such a contrast: the healthy whole organic foods we eat at home, with a healthy side of arsenic ... YUM!

I am working on increasing my water intake which was one of my new years resolutions. I bought this Citrus Zinger <here> water bottle, which I first thought was more gimmick than substance, but I'm loving it and it is totally encouraging me to drink more water...and it tastes so much better:) 

I think that is  pretty good starting point for me. Now, you will have to excuse me as there is a bowl of strawberries with my name on it :) 


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Soft Pink and Weight Loss

Coat: Club Monaco <similar on sale here> also love this pale blue one <here>, Watch: Daniel Wellington c/o <here> (Use code fifth_and_bloor for 15% off until March 31st) or another fun style <here>, Bag: Hermes, Shoes: Vince Camuto (On sale in mink (my colour), camel <here>, Black <here>) Infinity scarf: All Saints

Hey Everyone! 
If you follow my Instagram, there is nothing new here.... I'm obsessed with this coat, that's old news now lol. Note: if you are planning to buy it, it runs very big, size down!. Also happy with these Vince Camuto peep toe booties which are not only comfortable, but at a very decent price point .

So, bare with me as I jot down some of my thoughts regarding weight loss. I guess I will start with saying the reason I am even writing about it all is I want to put it out there and have motivation and accountability to report back here on my blog :)  The tipping point for me was that since coming back from Punta Cana, I am 5 lbs heavier and it's so frustrating, especially since I hadn't yet reached my goal weight post baby number 2. Of course I get it... all inclusive trip for a week, and then my husbands, daughters and my Birthday all within two weeks of one another. It's no mystery how it happened but it still makes it so frustrating. I catch myself thinking: "is this how it's always going to be... ?" the weight loss struggle is real my friends!
For the past several months I have been following a very low carb diet. Genereally I am of the thinking "Everything in moderation" but as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures lol. I know my body is very sensitive to carbs so what intended to be "just a few weeks" has evolved into several months, with the occasional cheat of course. But I guess I'm at a point where i am fed up of it and need to switch to something a little more sustainable . Being a mother to two girls, I am very mindful of their perception of me and what I eat. I would hate them learn any poor or obsessive eating habits from me , and strive for them to have a healthy body image. I usually try to eat whatever they do (more or less) but for example if they have veggie/chicken stir fry with brown rice, I substitute the brown rice for a salad. The upside to all the veggies I eat is the kids both love raw or steamed broccoli, asparagus spinach etc etc . 
Goal: I guess I will start with getting rid of the 5 lbs I've gained back at take it from there. I know i am not overweight, but this is about me being comfortable in my skin and hopefully a lot stronger (physically)! If you guys are interested in my blogging about what changes I make to my diet and activity level to (hopefully) attain this goal, let me know:) 

Hope you are all having a great day! 
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Friday, March 13, 2015

Makeup Collection Part 2: Eyeshadows

Hi Everyone!

This is a requested post regarding my makeup collection. When I set out to do this...the task seemed daunting! So I decided to break it up into sections.. To see my lipstick collection, click <here>

You will notice that there is a lot of MAC eye shadows. Aside from the fact that I do really like MAC eyeshadows, I also like the fact that they are all organized in MAC pallets. If I have individual pods, I tend not to use them. I'm thinking of trying some inglot next, but for now...I don't think I need any more:)

Note: Names in Red are colours I really like and/or would keep repurchasing :)

 This is how I store my MAC pallets in my bathroom. I got this holder at "Kitchen Plus" I think it's a letter holder.  It holds 6 pallets.

So First up is my neutral pallet. This is basically what I use every day. I travel with it...and can't live with out it (drama drama! )

Top L to R: Copperplate (for eyebrows), Tissueweight, naked lunch, Soft force, Nylon
Middle L to R: Shroom, Jest, All that glitters, Moth, Amber Lights
Bottom L to R: Woodwinked, Tempting, French Cuff, Honey Lust, Cork

Swatches of Neutrals

(Above) L to R: Copperplate, Tissueweight, naked lunch, Soft force, Nylon

 (Above) L to R: Shroom, Jest, All that glitters, Moth, Amber Lights

(Above) L to R: Woodwinked, Tempting, French Cuff, Honey Lust, Cork

Next up is my Pink/Purple Pallet
Top L to R: Say Yeah , Living Pink, Full Flame, Expensive Pink, Antiqued
Middle L to R: Shale, Sensulaize, Sable, Cranberry, Sketch
Bottom L to R: Bukwheat, Hypnotizing, Bold and Brazen, Brule, empty!

Swatches of Pinks/Purples

(Above) L to R: Say Yeah , Living Pink, Full Flame, Expensive Pink, Antiqued

(Above) L to R: Shale, Sensulaize, Sable, Cranberry, Sketch

(Above) L to R: Bukwheat, Hypnotizing, Bold and Brazen, Brule

.....and my last MAC eyeshadow pallet is my Blue/ Grey and some green pallet :)
Top L to R: Deep Truth, Luster Leaf, Fiction, Fashion, Knight Divine
Middle L to R: Carbon, Concrete, empty, Silver Ring, Scene
Bottom L to R: Empty, Satin Taupe, Empty, Crystal Avalanch, Gesso

Swatches of Blue/Grey/Green

 (Above) L to R: Deep Truth, Luster Leaf, Fiction, Fashion, Knight Divine

 (Above) L to R: Carbon, Concrete, empty, Silver Ring, Scene

(Above) L to R:  Satin Taupe, Crystal Avalanch, Gesso

Next up are two E/S I haven't depotted yet:

 The pink one is Swish and the neutral one is Wedge , and here it is swatched. Although Wedge barely shows up on my hand, its such a great colour to deepen the crease in a soft way that you almost can't see while giving some extra dimension to the eye.

Next up is my Costal Scents Pallet in the 88 ColourPallets ....I am NOT going to swatch this lol. I actually have 3 other CS pallets but I cant find them. I don't think I have ever really used this to be honest, but it is nice to have almost every colour on hand in the event that I may  need it

And last but not least in my UD Naked Pallet. Again, I am not going to swatch this because if you Google will find 1 zillion swatches (that is a lot of swatches!). Plus my hand is feeling raw from removing all the other swatches lol

While I do like this pallet, I find it's a lot of what I already have in my collection. If you don't have many eyeshadows and like a neutral eye, this is a great convenient pallet. This is what I have with me in my gym bag and sometimes travel with.

So that's about all the eyeshadows I have. I honestly use my neutral colours every single day, and hardly even use the colours except for when i'm trying to be fancy lol 

Talk soon
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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Casual chic

Jacket: Helmut Lang | Body suit: American Apparel | Belt: Hermes | Jeans All Saint | Boots: Christian Louboutin Chihuahua 85mm | Purse: Chanel Small Boy Bag | Glasses: Gucci 

Hey Everyone! 
Even though its still very very cold.... the fact that it's March is making me feel like its ALMOST over!!! This winter has felt super long, even though we did manage to get a way a few times. 

I'm trying really hard to stop buying shoes/boots that are painful to walk in lol. That's why when i had the option to get these boots ( 85mm Wedge) i choose them over the 100mm Stiletto heel with a pointed toe, even though thats what i would usually gravitate towards.  I'm so glad because i can actually walk in these all day! 

Hope you are all keeping warm, or getting away for March break! 

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Social

Cartier JUC

Blazer: Smythe | Skirt: Wilfred via Aritzia | Boots: Burberry via Holts | Bag: Hermes | necklace: Jcrew | Bracelets: Cartier (love and JUC) Tiffany link bracelet and Hermes KDT in capoucine 

Hey everyone ! 
Yesterday , my girlfriends and I went to go watch a studio taping of "The Social". It was so fun to see the behind the scene makings of a show ! 
I decided to wear one of my favorite Canadian designers to watch my fav Canadian talk show :) My Smythe blazer is at Holt now and I bought it in two colours ! It has a "Balmain" feel to it for a fraction of the price ! 

If you guys want to see a taping of The Social , just fill on the form <here> and they will contact you when tickets become avasble :) The hosts are super nice and will hang around after for pictures and meet and greet . 

Hope you are all keeping warm ! 

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