Thursday, April 16, 2015

Huge giveaway

Giveaway Time! 

I am so excited to announce a HUGE giveaway! I am giving away an authentic brand new luxury item (Hermes or Louise Vuitton, YOU choose which prize you would like to have) ! Yep, you heard me correctly ! This contest is not sponsored by anyone , I will be purchasing the item myself with my own money for one lucky person ! 


I lost my father to cancer almost 4 years ago , so there is a small donation element to this contest to help spread awareness. ( direct link on my profile page) If this goes well, I will host other giveaways like this! I know a lot of my friends here on IG can afford your own luxury items,  but the more people who enter , the more we raise and create awareness ! I encourage ALL my followers to enter ! (Additional personal background and info is listed after the contest rules) 

In order to be eligible you must:
1. Follow me on Instagram:

2. donate 5$ to the William Osler hospital    here: 

by: May 16,2015 . The Orlando Corporation will match dollar for dollar ! 

2. Repost this picture on IG with the following caption: I'm entering @fifth_and_bloor contest for a FREE Louise Vuitton Wallet , Pochette or Hermes Clic Clac! #fifthandbloorgiveaway 

4. If you want to donate more than 5$, great, thanks ! I will count your entry multiple times !!! 

5. Contest open worldwide , must have a secure mailing address that you are willing to share with me and if you are under 18 you must have your parents permission to participate . 

6. Will use to choose winner 
Additional Background 

I chose William Osler because of their innovative early detection of lung Cancer screening program which has already saved lives . My siblings and I have also donated at Osler to have a room named in my fathers memory . Lung cancer is often overlooked in regards to fundraising in comparison to other cancers yet it has the highest mortality rate and is the most common cancer worldwide .  
My father quite smoking in 1984 hoping to lead a healthy life , but unfortunately he still was not saved from this terrible disease and developed a cancer more common in Non- smokers. unfortunately  , no one is safe from cancer. The link above is to the hospitals direct secure donation page (goes straight to the hospital) 

Some additional rules / comments : 

1. I want the winner to be happy, if you would like a different wallet or pochette that's fine :) we will find something in the same range . You can choose the Hermes Clic colour of your choice (depending on availability ) 

2. Any import duties are the responsibility of the winner, but I'll do my best to avoid this 

3. winner  has two weeks to get in contact with me or I will choose another winner .

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Trend : Floral

"Florals for Spring ... Groundbreaking" The devil wears Prada

While floral for spring is definitely NOT groundbreaking , I can't help but get caught up in the trend every time spring rolls around . It's feminine and flirty and you can have so much fun with it ! 

This cute Zara skirt <here> is adorable and I just LOVE the print , very 'Dolce Gabbana' . Paired with a denim shirt , it adds the right amount of casual to the look . 

I love the way My Closet Diaries wore the dress version <here> . Unfortunately , I'm not sure the dress suits my body type so I may have to skip it, but I'll still playing with it to see if I can make it work . 

I'm even loving florals on the nails ! This is a subtle water colour floral look done at the Holt Renfrew Spa on Bloor St by Surley who is so amazing and adorable . 

I also picked up this Clover Canton Floral dress which is the perfect length for me (most dresses are way too short on me ) I can't wait to wear it ! 

What is your favorite spring trend ? 

P.S For those of you who used to follow me back in the days of "Currently Obsessed" you will be familiar with this "Must Read" post. We decided to have a one time reunion post and it was super fun!  Check out the other bloggers spring trends and some of their recent posts below.

Talk soon

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Extremely distressed

You can't go anywhere without seeing ripped jeans these days. I remember the last time they were "in" I was slightly too young to embrace the trend, so I have gone head first this time around! Now, there is ripped , and there is RIPPED!!! Here I'm talking about the trend of the extreme (some may say excessive) ripped denim, the most popular being the Rag and Bone Dre Thrasher jeans. I wanted to give some different styling options for people who might not be sure if they want to embrace the trend for a variety or reasons; age, lifestyle etc. I don't really believe to heavily on there being an age restriction on fashion. I think if you feel comfortable in something you can ROCK it. That being said, for me personally, I definitely won't be picking up my kids from school in these jeans.... there is a time and place I think .
Blazer: Smyth | Tank: Vince | Shoes: Valentino | Jeans: Rag and Bone Thrasher| Belt and bag: Hermes

Here is my first look. I love a nice blazer with the jeans as it adds a bit of class and I think makes it a bit more appropriate for my lifestyle and more age appropriate as well. When I first bought these jeans, I had this Smythe Blazer in mind with it.

This next look is by EstherandSasha from Instagram and I love the soft colours and feminine touches. I think the first time I started to think I could pull off these jeans was when I saw them on her. she always dresses very feminine and classy , so I knew there were ways to wear the jeans in a classy , more dressed up style.

Jeans: Thrasher <here> | Cardis: Zara , Shoes: Louboutin Decolette similar <here>, Turtle neck: Marciano 

Here are some other more casual options. It also hides a lot of the jeans in case you need to ease your way into wearing them ! 

 Here I am in my Thrashers the first time I wore them out with my husband. I threw a big coat on top to ease him into the look lol. 

Here, I'm wearing them with a very casual off the shoulder T for a cool rocker vibe. I feel the heels are necessary to dress up the look a bit. 

I love this look my friend TheBleachedBlonde put together with her Thrasher jeans. Its classy but still playful!

PinkBlondeBrunette seen here in her thrasher jeans with the most amazing Balmain shoes! 


Now, if you want to get REALLY ripped up, take a look at Sydney fashion blogger in her jeans here. I know I could NEVER wear them, they are too extreme for me personally but I think they look amazing on her. Again, it depends on ones lifestyle and personal preference. 

I did love the white jean look and I knew I needed to buy perhaps a toned down version of Sydney's jeans, so here I am in the Rag and Bone "the Skinny" thrashers <here> I know these will be on repeat this summer!

Some flat shoe options 

If you want something  a little more toned down, here is my beautiful friend Pinkblondebrunette in the Frame denim jeans <here> Warning: her legs don't come with the jeans ;)

So, love them or hate them, ripped jeans seem like they are going to be around for a little while anyways! Have you joined the movement? 

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Makeup Collection Part 2: Eyeshadows

Hi Everyone!

This is a requested post regarding my makeup collection. When I set out to do this...the task seemed daunting! So I decided to break it up into sections.. To see my lipstick collection, click <here>

You will notice that there is a lot of MAC eye shadows. Aside from the fact that I do really like MAC eyeshadows, I also like the fact that they are all organized in MAC pallets. If I have individual pods, I tend not to use them. I'm thinking of trying some inglot next, but for now...I don't think I need any more:)

Note: Names in Red are colours I really like and/or would keep repurchasing :)

 This is how I store my MAC pallets in my bathroom. I got this holder at "Kitchen Plus" I think it's a letter holder.  It holds 6 pallets.

So First up is my neutral pallet. This is basically what I use every day. I travel with it...and can't live with out it (drama drama! )

Top L to R: Copperplate (for eyebrows), Tissueweight, naked lunch, Soft force, Nylon
Middle L to R: Shroom, Jest, All that glitters, Moth, Amber Lights
Bottom L to R: Woodwinked, Tempting, French Cuff, Honey Lust, Cork

Swatches of Neutrals

(Above) L to R: Copperplate, Tissueweight, naked lunch, Soft force, Nylon

 (Above) L to R: Shroom, Jest, All that glitters, Moth, Amber Lights

(Above) L to R: Woodwinked, Tempting, French Cuff, Honey Lust, Cork

Next up is my Pink/Purple Pallet
Top L to R: Say Yeah , Living Pink, Full Flame, Expensive Pink, Antiqued
Middle L to R: Shale, Sensulaize, Sable, Cranberry, Sketch
Bottom L to R: Bukwheat, Hypnotizing, Bold and Brazen, Brule, empty!

Swatches of Pinks/Purples

(Above) L to R: Say Yeah , Living Pink, Full Flame, Expensive Pink, Antiqued

(Above) L to R: Shale, Sensulaize, Sable, Cranberry, Sketch

(Above) L to R: Bukwheat, Hypnotizing, Bold and Brazen, Brule

.....and my last MAC eyeshadow pallet is my Blue/ Grey and some green pallet :)
Top L to R: Deep Truth, Luster Leaf, Fiction, Fashion, Knight Divine
Middle L to R: Carbon, Concrete, empty, Silver Ring, Scene
Bottom L to R: Empty, Satin Taupe, Empty, Crystal Avalanch, Gesso

Swatches of Blue/Grey/Green

 (Above) L to R: Deep Truth, Luster Leaf, Fiction, Fashion, Knight Divine

 (Above) L to R: Carbon, Concrete, empty, Silver Ring, Scene

(Above) L to R:  Satin Taupe, Crystal Avalanch, Gesso

Next up are two E/S I haven't depotted yet:

 The pink one is Swish and the neutral one is Wedge , and here it is swatched. Although Wedge barely shows up on my hand, its such a great colour to deepen the crease in a soft way that you almost can't see while giving some extra dimension to the eye.

Next up is my Costal Scents Pallet in the 88 ColourPallets ....I am NOT going to swatch this lol. I actually have 3 other CS pallets but I cant find them. I don't think I have ever really used this to be honest, but it is nice to have almost every colour on hand in the event that I may  need it

And last but not least in my UD Naked Pallet. Again, I am not going to swatch this because if you Google will find 1 zillion swatches (that is a lot of swatches!). Plus my hand is feeling raw from removing all the other swatches lol

While I do like this pallet, I find it's a lot of what I already have in my collection. If you don't have many eyeshadows and like a neutral eye, this is a great convenient pallet. This is what I have with me in my gym bag and sometimes travel with.

So that's about all the eyeshadows I have. I honestly use my neutral colours every single day, and hardly even use the colours except for when i'm trying to be fancy lol 

Talk soon
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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Marwari Shawl and Suhaag Feature

Dress: Micheal Kors | Bag: Hermes Birkin 35 | Shawls: Hermes Danse Du Cheval Marwari <here> | Bracelet: Hermes CDC Croc Geranium  | Boots: Louboutin Wiletta <here> | Glasses: Celine 

My  husband got me this hilarious mug . I'm not at all a big deal but this is TOTALY his sence of humor lol. 

My Feature on Page 118 :) 

Hey everyone !!! I'm so excited to share with you all my Suhaag Magazine feature!

Suhaag hosts the biggest South Asian wedding show every year . I remember going to the show to get inspiration for my wedding almost 7 years ago now! So when I was contacted and asked if I wanted to be featured in a "What's in my closet" article, I was flattered and I thought is sounded like fun. Hope you guys all enjoy reading my interview ! 

You can pick up a copy of Suhaag at Chapters Indigo if you are in Toronto . Otherwise you can get a copy online <here>

Talk to you all soon 

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